Tuesday, June 18, 2013

A Walk in the Woods

     On Sunday I went for a walk in the woods as I really wanted to see some Wood lilies.

    There are wood lilies here . Sometimes you have to look pretty hard and at other times you get lucky. The time they bloom seems to vary a bit. I came up empty on my wood lily search.

     After I got through the woods trail I walked up a trail which follows the escarpment. It was an old utility road but when the sanctuary was established In the late 1980's it made an excellent trail. The road has grown in and you can find a number of wild flowers at the edge of the trail.

    I was quite surprised to find an abundance of yellow lady slippers.  They have been planted but the area would have had lady slippers. The lady slippers appear to be doing well.

Yellow lady slippers doing well.

    Then I found a blue flower that I had heard people talking about on other field trips. So what I found was blue eyed grass. I see why people rave about it as the blue color is spectacular. The stem is flat like a shoe lace.

Next time remind me to get on my belly to take a photo of blue eyed grass.

    The roses are just stating to bloom. Soon all the edges of woodlands will be decorated with roses.

These are very common at this time of year.
    So I didn't find my wood lily and I will have to go for another walk and I'll probably find a few more things I wasn't expecting.