Thursday, September 9, 2010

Some Topics Keep Giving and Giving

        When I started my blog two years ago,  little did I realize that I would do five posts on the white tailed jack rabbit.   I did not intend to write about rabbits. Experiences have occurred which have lead to good stories.

        This urban area has a number of jack rabbits as a permanent population. Most days when I'm out I see a rabbit and sometimes three at a time. Just seeing a rabbit munching on grass or snoozing in some brush does not make a story. Since rabbits are somewhat numerous and very active they sometimes present stories. That is what has happened to me. Interesting happenings take place and I write about them. Now my neighbors are passing on stories and pictures. I've also had to do a little research so I learn some interesting things. It also helps that these animals are cute and move in huge leaps and bounds.     I see so many rabbits that I have jokingly appointed myself as the official rabbit watcher.

     So scroll back and look at some of the posts I've made on the white tailed jack rabbit.