Sunday, April 6, 2014

Behind in Music

     I seem to be listening to music 20 or thirty years after it comes out and is popular.

     I like music. To be more exact, I like listening to music. I am not a musician. I listen to a wide variety of music. It would be easier to say what I don't listen to. I have only one problem and that is not enough time to listen to all the music I like.

     Now it always seems that I am years behind on the music scene. I've never heard Justin Bieber, the Dixie Chicks or 101 other modern groups. I have heard the Spice girls but they are an old group. I don't listen to rap so that makes many artists I've never heard of. 

    I guess I find some music that I really like and enjoy. So I don't pickup on any new music. 

    It goes like this. when Elvis hit the scene. I was listening to Pat Boone, Perry Como, Country and Western and Folk music. I did pick up on Elvis and all the 50's rockers fairly soon after they hit the big time. The Beatles were out for some time before I began listening to their music. It took me a long time before I listened to Neil Diamond, Bruce Springstien, the Rolling Stones, Bob Dillon and many more. 

   Along the way, I discovered   Blues music. In Blues there is a huge variety of different classes. I also made an acquaintance with jazz. All this time I listened to classical music. For each of these I found that there were always sources that provided interesting information on the music. Radio stations I listen to not only play the music but talk about it. 

   I suppose that I was discovering so much music that I didn't have time to listen to new music that was coming out. 

   However, I have been able to find more than enough music that provides listening pleasure.  

    How about you? Are you years behind in listening to new music? What's your favorite type of music? What has been some of the best groups you've listened to?