Saturday, September 5, 2009

Health Care Blues

      I live in Alberta and we are very fortunate or should be very fortunate from an economic stand point. We have an abundance of oil and gas resources which enrich our economy.

    However, our government chooses to plead poverty when it comes to financing health care. Recently they have changed a seniors drug benefit plan so that most seniors pay a hefty insurance. They have put a maximum on hip replacements. They have eliminated sex change procedures. They closed 6 helipads and later opened them. They have chosen to give previous administrators large bonuses and to give a new super board a large salary. There are other little nickel and dime cuts which make it difficult for patients and staff.

      Now, when the Alberta government is pleading extreme poverty and claiming that the health care level is "unsustainable" there are many plus economic situations which they choose to ignore. Alberta has no sales tax, no capital taxes, no payroll tax and the lowest fuel tax and the lowest general corporate tax rate in the country and the lowest royalties on it's resources of any where in the world. Now to plead poverty in this situation is ludicrous . Our health spending as a percentage of GDP is the lowest in Canada. What are these guys crying about? Do they have an ulterior motive?

      We have a great health care system. A few things could be improved . No doubt some efficiencies could be achieved . However , we must speak up and let them know that we favor the system we presently have and are willing to support it with our resources.