Saturday, September 12, 2020


     We had another good morning of birding. We went to Hazlett Lake which is a small local lake on the edge of town. It's private property but one of the favorite places the group likes to go.

     Today there were very few birds on the water. It's still a little early for the main migration of waterfowl. We saw 18 species today and that's without a lot of water birds.

    The family that owns the property has had their own golf course for many years. No one else plays this course.

    Estelle is making her way from the shore. the riparian area has been taken over by canary reed grass. Most native riparian plants have disappeared.

      Bertha makes her way from the shore.

     I found a tree that had recently been damaged by lightening. 

    A field of canola that has been swathed and ready for harvest.

     The original family home.