Saturday, September 19, 2015

EEK! The Freezer Crashed

   The good thing is it wasn't my freezer that crashed. It was my neighbor's freezer that quit.

    Why is it that when freezers crash , it's always a big surprise. We rarely know when our freezer is on it's way out. Sometimes we don't catch the down freezer for a few days. Half the stuff  or worse  is thawed.

    Then panic!, panic! Help ! Help! What do I do? How much of this can I rescue. Call a repairman. Can he repair it.? Your mind is working in overdrive. Sometimes you can get a repairman quickly enough and the freezer can be repaired. And if it can't be repaired then plans A,B,C,D...

   My neighbor appeared at my door Thur morning. Her freezer had died. She caught it in time to rescue all her food. She happened to go down for a loaf of bread and it felt a little soft and she discovered the freezer was off and would not kick back in. She asked if we had room in our freezer for some of her stuff. She had room in her side by side fridge for the meat but needed a place for her baked goods. Yes, we had room enough for her stuff.

    So her scramble wasn't over. She had to quickly find a freezer and get it to her house. The business could not deliver the freezer until Monday and then they wanted $90.00. They were able to get the new freezer in the back of their Jeep and then wrestle it downstairs on Thur. She had to wash it well as there was a chemical smell associated with new products.

    Now things don't usually happen in ones. Her husband had a medical appointment with the anesthetist as he's having a kidney removed. 

    They had enough stress in this situation. Friday morning she arrived to get her bag of baked goods. 

    How about you? Has your freezer died on you? Have other things quit, like your sump pump?