Friday, July 31, 2020


     This summer I had a small project which ended up being a summer project. The project started on one fine day at the end of April and lasted until one  hot day at the end of July. 

     My project was to paint 3/4 of my fence. A few good days should have been enough to complete the project. The piece of fence was 86 feet long and done both sides, It is 6 feet high. Painting fences isn't  high tech job. 

    However, weather and many other issues got in the way. When it was a good day I had something else to do. When you clean off a fence and get it ready for painting and then have to wait, you end up cleaning the fence off again. So preparation of the fence took a long time.

    I even thought of Tom Sawyer and the story Tom Sawyer and the fence. Could I talk someone into helping me? 

   So you see one project turned into a long project. 

   So here's the result.