Sunday, October 25, 2015

Beaver Art

    I am not the least bit artistic. Art class for me was continuous failure and I got into more trouble in Art class that all others put together. However, I like art and appreciate it. Many blogs I follow have an artistic side to them.

   We have a high population of beavers here. They take down many aspens for their winter supply of food. I've looked at the stumps that are left. I look at them as sculpture. There are many types of bite patterns on the stump. Some beavers gnaw off very large chunks. Others bite deep into the wood. Some seem to have a variety of different bites. Maybe it's more than one beaver gnawing at the tree.

    Now I've always had the idea to take one of the beaver stumps and make it into an art project. I would cut the stump off and then carefully color in each bite mark. Some would be random colors. I could make patterns. I could use the bite marks to make figures in the wood. I've thought of this for a long time but haven't done anything.

    Maybe my old friend Bobby will read this and help me with the project? More than likely he'll just do it for me.

    So the other day when I was out I found some fresh beaver activity and I had to take some photos.