Tuesday, August 4, 2015

August Long Weekend

    We have just finished our August long weekend. Few people call it by the proper name of Heritage Day week end. The Monday is referred to as Heritage Day.

    In 1974 Alberta declared the first weekend in August to be Heritage Weekend. It's not a mandatory weekend. Businesses can stay open or closed. I think most people get time off for the weekend. Nova Scotia and the Yukon have the first weekend in August as a holiday but they celebrate something else.

    The purpose of the week end is to celebrate our heritage.  Again what happens is all over the map. Some communities have all kinds of heritage activities. The city supports the celebrations. Food, dance , music, language and culture are displayed. Face  paintings seems to be a popular activity. It certainly gets the attention of the kids.

     Edmonton has a city wide celebration with a huge music festival. It's  wildly popular week end.

     Our community had nothing scheduled. We just took the time and ran.

     Stopping to reflect on our heritage is a very beneficial thing to do. We understand more things from our past. This makes other things in our world make more sense. 

     Now I know many other places get the first weekend in August as a long weekend. Did you have a long weekend where you live? That was the theme for your August long weekend?

    Now being sentimental, I like August because my Dad's middle name was August!!!