Saturday, June 2, 2012

Crime Update

     My last post was about a break in three doors from my house. There has been some development in the case since then.

     The two dirt bikes were found in another subdivision. A woman was checking her garage and found two dirt bikes  that didn't belong to her. She asked her son if he knew anything about them. He said he was keeping them for a friend for a little while. His mother pressed him for more details and finally said that she wanted more info or she would phone the police. So she phoned the police. Meanwhile the kid took the bikes to a school yard and ditched them. 

    The police picked up the bikes and asked my neighbor to come and identify them.

     The police told my neighbor that they know who the guy is who stole the bikes and that they have a description of him.

    So progress has been made. Hopefully the shock of such an event will fade.