Friday, March 25, 2011

Owl Web Cam at Ellis Bird Farm

        I recently put a link to a web cam on a great horned owl nest. Now I admit that I'm not someone who will spend much time watching any web cam.

       I have seen many owl nests from the ground. There's not really much to see as the owl sits low on the nest. Many times you're not really sure that there's an owl on the nest. I've seen many excellent photographs of owl nests.

     However, this web cam gives something I have never seen before. We have had seven days of continuous snow. We have received about 30cm (12 in.) of snow. This makes for a nest view that I have never seen before. The edge of the nest has a good build up of snow and the owl seems to be sitting in a snow bank. The owl shakes her feathers from time to time to get the snow off her body.

     I have a better idea. Click on my link and go to the web cam and see the owl on the nest with all the snow piled up around her.