Monday, July 4, 2016

Goodbye Wendy

      A few days ago a friend, colleague and neighbor passed away very suddenly at home. What a shock!

      Wendy lived about seven houses away from me. I live on a corner and she drove around my cor
ner several times a day. I noticed her  many years ago because she took my corner like an Indy 500 driver.

      After a few years I found out she was a teacher. A few more years and I met her. Her sons attended my school. 

      Over the years we both were involved in professional development. That's when you really get to know who a  person is. 

    Since Wendy was in administration she worked on policy and regulations and putting those things into effect.

    Now here's where I really got to like Wendy. Like speeding around my corner, Wendy could cheerfully break or bend the rules. There are many situations with kids, that if you can be flexible things work much better. Wendy excelled at being flexible. With teachers Wendy could be flexible and make things work. She got much more mileage by bending a few rules.

    I will never meet a more cheerful person who had a knack of making things work. 

    Where ever you are Wendy, I hope you can still bend the rules.