Wednesday, January 29, 2014

I Should Watch What I SAY

     I would never say anything to purposely offend someone. If I found out that I offended someone by one of my comments I would quickly apologize. I have found it's much easier to live this way and to live in myself.

     Now I don't like pumpernickel bread. I find it dry, course and crummy to the point of being very messy when you cut it. I whine about pumpernickel bread every time we have it. However , someone in my house happens to like pumpernickel bread so I will eat it all the while grumbling about it.

    Now this week we had a loaf of pumpernickel bread and of course I whined. This loaf was worse than most. It was really messy and crummy. Many crumbs fell out of the bag and they seem to get on the floor.

    Now a month ago I fell down the stairs. I wasn't hurt but four loaves of bread were squashed and some soup tins very badly crushed. So while I was complaining I was coldly reminded that I fell on this loaf of bread and that I should be thankful as it broke my fall. I shouldn't complain about the crumbs as it was my fault.

    From now on I better watch what I say!