Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Storm Clouds

       I like big old cumulus clouds...the ones we call thunder heads. I like the billows. I like to watch them as they are active in rising. You can watch the moisture rise and form ever new heights to the cloud.  You can just imagine the powerful updrafts that carry the moist air aloft. I like to see them lit by the late afternoon or evening sun and you see the brilliant white and then you stop and think that the bottom of the cloud is very dark.

      I know that sometimes these thunder cells can be 10000 to 20000 feet thick. They are massive. I've flown over or by them sometimes when I was able to have a good look.

      This afternoon we had some thunder cells develop. They weren't the giants . They were alright ...good enough to try some photos. However, I was not able to get in the photo what I saw with my eye. More learning for me. I think my camera focused on the trees and the houses close to me.


     All the time I was watching these clouds, behind me were  dark clouds rolling in. So 40 minutes after taking these photos we had violent wind and rain for about 45 minutes.

     Now I'm thinking about the thunder cells in the photos. Did they develop enough to bring rain and wind to some area? What's the story of their life. Where did they die?