Monday, August 22, 2022


       I don't usually write  post that has several topics but with a post I could respond to  number of issues.


Two of you have noticed that your comment was not published on my blog. There may be others. I never check to see if my comments are published. I've checked spam and looked around but cannot find where the comments have gone. I still must look to see if I actually got the comment. 

      It there's someone who knows about this issue , and how to correct it, let me know .


Some of you reminded me that there have been some long ago liars in the political world. The Richard Nixon suggestion gave me a giggle. 

      There were some good suggestions as to what to do to liars. Some how people have to see a big enough reward to tell the truth. Liars have to be punished at the polls.


I found out that many others have the same thing to brag about. It seems that quite a few cataract surgeries are done without anesthetic. They certainly freeze the eye ball. 

    It was interesting that there were so many different procedure for cataract surgery

    I'm doing well and only have one more day in jail. I find the seven days of restrictions after surgery a bit hard to handle. The eyedrops are a challenge. I have three more weeks of drops. The eye drops given and routine are very different. Across the country and beyond.