Saturday, January 23, 2021


        We are all supposed to be wearing the "mask" these days. I know that there are some who have a melt down over having to wear a mask but I'm not one of them. I think that all of us should do all we can to help control covid - 19. Recently a person I knew died from covid. That's too close to home.

     However, I've found wearing the mask to be a challenge and not at all pleasant. A simple thing like taking off the mask and putting it on is a problem ...a frustrating problem. I have used some very descriptive language when things don't go well. 

     I wear glasses and hearing aids. So some of you are already thinking ahead on this story. The glasses, mask and hearing aids get completely mixed up when I try to take off the mask. . I only want the mask to come off but the mask is one of the last things to come off. One dark morning I had  my groceries and was ready to go home. I took the mask off and I knew one of the hearing aids had come off. It was very dark in the car and I couldn't see anything. I went into the store to borrow a flashlight but no sympathy there. They just wanted to sell me a flashlight. Going back out I met a tradesman of some kind and I thought, "Those guys always have cool flashlights." Yes, he had a flashlight and would let me use it. I found the hearing aid immediately. 

      The next week I decided to leave the hearing aids at home. That didn't work very well. 

     Then one day I thought , if I grasp the mask band at the bottom by my ear lobe it might come up and not get tangled in everything. Yes, it was perfect!  The mask comes off and the other stuff stays there. 

     Now if I could think of some way to prevent my glasses from fogging up I' d be much happier again.