Monday, February 26, 2018


      Mom and Dad met in Portage La Prairie at their church. They more or less ignored each other for a while but finally were attracted.

     As I told you before they moved out to Dad's little farm at Esk. Sask. The farm was in the Hiawatha School district which was one of the little one room country school houses. Now you know where the  name of my blog comes from.

    There was a group from the same church in the school district. Mom and Dad were devoted adherents of the Plymouth Brethern, Christians, Christians gathered in the name of the Lord and maybe there were more names. This small church gathering were very close. There was much socializing as they often visited in each others homes. I think they went out to someone's home for supper every week. They had three church services on Sunday and prayer meeting in the middle of the week. They did not have ministers as all men participated in the services. Sometimes a "preacher " would visit and they would have services every evening for a week or two. 

     So Mom and Dad found themselves in a very supportive community. 

    Mom and Dad were welcomed to the community with a special house party. Lots of visiting and good things to eat. They received small but practical gifts. One has to remember that this was in the depression of the 30's. Those small gifts were much appreciated.

    One of the farmers had a talent for writing poetry at special occasions. Uncle Tom wrote a poem about Mom and Dad and it has always been a treasured family item.