Monday, May 21, 2018


       Many of you mentioned that you liked the pomp and ceremony of the Royal Wedding. You enjoyed the color  and performance that went along with the occasion of the Prince's wedding.

      That makes perfect sense to me. It's a show and it brings out all kinds of emotion.

     However the pomp and ceremony got me thinking about what pomp and  ceremony is and what is it good for.

     Mr Google isn't much help. If you google pomp and ceremony you get items on high school graduation and that the march played at most grads is called Pomp and Ceremony.

    Then I tried to find a definition for the term and that was inconclusive. Some want to change it to Pomp and Circumstance.

    Then I was thinking that there must be some practical value for pomp and ceremony. So Google that and I don't find anything.

     So I'm left with coming up with my own ideas about the value of Pomp And Circumstance. My own ideas could be pretty wacky.

     One of the results of Pomp and Circumstance is to remind us about  historical origins of our system. Much of the pomp has a long historical relationship. Uniforms have many parts which represent something as in officer stripes that show the rank. 

     It's obvious that the leader is designated by various uniforms. My son was in our Reserved  Armed Forces and was an officer and at one time OIC. He led and directed his men.

    The pomp is to act as example of correctness and leadership. 

     Ceremonies are self congratulatory. We celebrate what we've done and give ourselves confidence for the next challenge.

    Now this is my speculation because my limited research didn't turn up anything.

   What do you think about pomp and circumstance? Is it just beauty and celebration? Does it have a practical function in our society?