Saturday, February 8, 2020


    The two previous posts brought lots of questions and comments. The experiences I had were very different and it was from a different age 1967-69.

    When I look back it's hard to imagine the conditions we lived under. We've always said it changed our lives forever and we look back at it as one of the best times of our lives.

     Mr Pudding from Yorkshire Pudding asked to see the petroglyphs so that gave me a large amount of homework. I had not taken any photos of the petroglyphs because I did not get out there. It was about 50 km away and we had to go around a point on the open sea. There are several excellent sites on this topic. I just had to find the best . ...and I still can't put links on my blog that take you to a site. AC kindly told me one way to copy a link for a video but that was not available for this video. Some day if I live long enough.....?

     However Fred Breummer had told my how he photographed them and I have seen his articles.   He took charcoal and darkened the outlines to get a better photo. These petroglyphs were put in soapstone which is a much softer rock. The soapstone in the Wakeham Bay area is dark gray and much harder than other areas. Some soapstone is soft and waxy and you can scratch it with your finger nail. The harder rock means the petroglyphs last much longer. I have one article in the house from a magazine called the Beaver summer of 1973. I don't think the Beaver is on line.

    However, I did find other sites with photos. Check out the site Images on Stone Qajartalik. This is a large site but  just look the part on Qajartalik.