Thursday, May 20, 2021


      Tomorrow is our anniversary. Yes, you guessed it it. I was scanning slides and many memories came back.

      We were married in Inuvik. We met there and decided to get married there.

      We were both in our mid 20's and it would have been difficult to organize a wedding back home 1599 miles away.

     The Micro Manager wanted some of the traditions. Many people helped us get organized.   Most of our friends lived with us.

     We were married in the Stringer Hall Chapel. Stringer hall was a student residence for about 300 kids. The residence was run by the Anglican church so they had to have a chapel for the kids. 

                                                                                                                                                                                                    The reverend's wife set up many things for us. She played the organ. She picked the hymns. She got a choir. She found  flower girl and ring bearer. She was a sweetheart and we remember her to this day. 

          So on a bright sunny day  55 years ago the Micro Manager and I took the plunge into a long married life.

     One thing that was unique about the chapel was the painting at the front. It was painted by a pilot who stayed overnight in the hostel . Each night he was there he added to the painting. The children were hostel kids he used as models. Take a closer look and you see the kids with their parkas. 

     Unfortunately this large complex has been taken down.