Saturday, August 20, 2016

Tell Tale Signs

     I had a couple of mysterious callers at my place the last few weeks. They both left evidence that explained what was going on.

     I live on a corner. It's a handy shortcut for all kinds of reasons.  Kids cut across with their bikes. The odd car has cut across. I'm sure many people walk across and I never see them. Then all kinds of critters take advantage of a good short cut.

     A couple of weeks ago we had one of those nights with lots of thunder, lightning and rain. I went for the paper early in the morning. I noticed there was black material on my drive way right by the corner of the house. I thought it was mud but didn't know why it would be there. I went out. Yes, it was mud. Somebody was going across my yard and accidentally stepped in the flower bed. There was a petunia thrown on the grass. I wondered where it came from. I couldn't see any petunias that were missing. After a long time it hit me. It came from a hanging pot.

     Yesterday I looked out the front window and there was more black stuff. This time it was lighter and I was sure the stuff was deer poop.    So I went out to check and sure enough some deer was crossing my yard in the night and just had to leave a deposit at that place.
    So no problem. somebody took a shortcut across my yard. What got into his head to pull the petunia  out, I don't know. Many deer are in the area in the winter. I was surprised the deer were around in the summer. The sneaky devils always prowl around at night.

    So I had two unseen visitors that left some evidence to tell a story.

Photo by Bonnie Mullin