Monday, February 11, 2019


   Sometimes I am guilty of leaving out information. Sometimes questions are asked and it's better to answer them on a post rather than with a comment.

    So here goes. In the fall I told you I was having an ultra sound of

my heart. I wasn't worried about results. Now I can't even remember why the ultra sound was done. Some of you wanted to know what the results would be and I promised I would tell you. I've been feeling guilty for a long time about not telling you. Now you're saying come on get with it. Tell us! Well, nothing was found. I still haven't talked to my doc about it but I will the next time I go in to see him.

    Now in my second hiking post I forgot to put in the name of the location. We called it Whirl Pool Point Ridge. This is not a name you would find on a map. It's a name we made up.  Where we stop on the highway the river at that point is called Whirl Pool Point. It's a mess of rumbling rapids.

    The highway is number 11 or otherwise called the David Thompson. There is parking at that point in the highway and very often a little herd of Big horn sheep can be found. They come off the ridge to get water from the river.

    I also found that a stray photo got into one post. I know how that happened. I also found some typos. 

    So I feel better that I've addressed some of my hits and misses.

     Some of the mountains at Field B.C. in late June.