Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Wheeee! Ice Skating Started Again Yesterday

       Yesterday was the start of seniors skating for this season. We skate until the end of April with the exception of two or three Tuesdays.

       I have told you before that I participate in skating with a group of seniors. We skate for an hour and then do coffee at the Dairy Queen.

        I've never been a good skater. I had second hand skates when I was a kid and we skated on a nearby slough in the fall and spring. I never played hockey. I skated a bit with my kids when they were growing up but still never became a good skater. I skate well enough to enjoy the activity. I think that participating in something like skating helps with fitness, strength and balance. These are things a senior needs to work at or they just deteriorate.

        Most of our group are excellent skaters. It's quite a thrill to see an 88 year old man skate with strength, confidence and skill. This group seems to be not just enthusiastic skaters , but enthusiastic in life and know how to support their fellow skaters.

        Yesterday was 28 C outside but inside the temperature was about 6 C. It was pleasant to be in the cool arena.

       So when the first Tuesday of September comes a very eager  group of seniors hits the ice for another year.