Thursday, November 3, 2016


      Cell phones have become a huge problem in schools!

      I finished teaching in 1997. The big problem was kids wearing baseball caps in school. One of our administrators insisted kids didn't wear their caps in class. So I did my duty and made sure kids didn't wear baseball caps in class. Most kids followed the rule. If kids were wearing a cap, a discreet hand signal got the cap off. There were few protests or defiant students. Once in awhile somebody's cap returned to a head and then the cap had to be placed in a special drawer in the filing cabinet. The honor system was used and the kid picked his cap up on the way out. Many caps were forgotten so over the year I accumulated a few caps. Now there was no way to make baseball caps into a learning situation. Caps were completely a style statement.

     Okay I got of the topic. Today every kid has a cell phone. Not only do kids have cell phones but the policing of their use is a major hassle. Kids think that  every message is of crucial importance. Some parents want to be able to contact their kids at any time. Kids want to use their smart phones to look things up on the Internet. The whole issue boils down to a big headache.

     Some schools completely ban cell phones. Others let kids carry phones but are not allowed to use them. Some schools allow a certain time for cell phones.

     Then some schools use cell phones for instructional purposes. So learning activities are set up where the cell phone has to be used. 

    School policies on cell phones vary widely. Policies are vigorously defended. 

    Looking into the future doesn't give answers. We know the technology is changing rapidly.

     So for an old guy whose biggest problem was kids wearing caps to kids carrying and using cell phones is a great leap. 

    At the present time most schools don't know what to do. Technology is changing faster than most schools. Schools are going to have to make some rapid changes  to either take advantage of the technology or find some way to control cell phone use.

     What are your thoughts on cell phones in schools?