Monday, February 8, 2016

I Had to Learn Something

     Recently I had to learn something and I found out I have much more to learn. 

     If you've been following me , you know that I have been mumbling about scanning photos for some time. So in January 2016 I was ready or so I thought. I have been looking at how things are done and what options there may be.  I wanted to be able to send all the photos to my kids as they are photos of them. So I have about 20 years of photos to scan and send. 

     So one of the first things I learned is that the photos I've been looking at for 40 years are not that great. The old cameras didn't take that great of photo. Sometimes they got lucky and everything was perfect. Photographers (me) didn't know much, so light was the last of things I considered. My wife always had some shake in the photo. Many photos we didn't take. Many photos were of high quality and reproduce well. School photos done be a professional turn out very well.

    I did not intend to scan all photos and I've found I've deleted many I scanned.

    I wanted to be able to put a caption on each photo. I wrote about this one before. 

    I had been given lots of advice. Make sure the photo surface is clean. I haven't learned that one yet. I can't see the dust so I go sailing on and guess what, the scanner picks up the dust. Keep your photos square. I'm pretty good at that one.

   I've had to do a lot of experimenting. You can set your scanner and then you can do more with the computer.  Some photos can be reproduced with a reasonable quality. Other photos, I can't do much with.

    So as I go along I learn more. What happens if I click on this? Oh, that's what happens! That makes a big difference. Today I clicked on a sun that's half shaded. I found it adjusted shadow and gave a much sharper image.

    Now there's also the issue of practice. Things improve as I move along. 

    I've sent some photos to the victims and they are very pleased with them. My son commented that they are "awesome."

   So guess what? With all I've learned, I've gone back and done many batches of photos over again
Must have been Hawaii Day at school!!!