Sunday, February 20, 2011

Where Do All the Good "Bloggin" Names Come From?

        I have been looking through quite a few blog rolls lately as I'm looking for some more good blogs to follow now that I have some more time. I look for some half decent writing, pictures and topics I'm interested in. I'm interested in nature, music, daily life, humor and something that takes me to new experiences. I appreciate blogs that make me think. Many things catch your eye and you say, "I'm going to have a look at this blog for awhile." Yes, sometimes it's just a catchy title!

       There are many reasons why people choose their blog name. I didn't know what I was doing when I chose Hiawatha House. I had spent nine years in a one roomed country school house and I wanted to honor that place. Great sentimental choice, but when it comes to search engines I don't think it really works. You can see many examples of names where people pick something which has sentimental value to them. I just looked at "Ash Lane Farm."

      Some names are fantastically creative. I really like "Muddy Boot Dreams" although I haven't  looked at the blog yet.  Some names are somewhat whimsical as "On a Quirky Quest" which also has some pretty neat alliteration. Some blogs are great at giving their main topic as in " Journey into Elderhood" or "Cottage Country. Many seniors blog so there are names such as "Far Side of Fifty" and "Retirement Chronicles."  There are double entendres although I don't have a good example. Some really catch your attention as "A Little Spark of Madness " and "Out of my Multiple Minds."    

      Now if I was more ambitious I think a really great song could be made using blog titles! Go For it! I can see somebody setting this up as a contest! You're welcome to steal my idea! Just let me in on the songs.

     I often wonder about the practical terms of blog names. I think those that clearly indicate the blog topic are probably the most successful. However, for a browser (person) catchy names probably catch more fish.

      So back to looking for more good blogs to follow.