Sunday, May 13, 2018


      Mother's day brings lots of greetings to Mom's and an expression of appreciation of all that Moms do. It's a day to stop and consider how much Moms do for us. Some people just give a greeting and some have a lavish celebration. Sadly some don't mark the occasion at all.

     Well, some of us elderly people have our memories jogged and we think of our mothers of long ago. We can  not wish them a happy Mother's Day but we can think back to all that our Mothers did for us.

    I like to remember back to the time before I was born. Well, I can't really do that but I can certainly put many things together and then realize how much my Mom did for me.

    First, there was lots of excellent food but no money. Mom had gone through the depression as a young person and the issue was to survive. Mom's house was very poor. In the winter the house froze out over night. I was kept snug and warm, but I can easily realize how hard it was to raise a small child under those conditions. 

    These memories or the research make me appreciate all that was done for me under extenuating circumstances.

    Mom died in 1973 before she turned 60. 

     Mom with my son when he was about 2 months old.