Sunday, June 24, 2018


    As most of you know I like wall murals. I enjoy seeing good quality wall murals. There are many styles and the topics are endless. Each artist has his/her own style. The beauty is that the art is very visible in the community. It's seen! Many artists produce things and they are not seen or appreciated .

    The mural I'm showing today took a long time to complete. The local paper did a couple of stories while the work was in progress. I didn't take a good look at it until the other day. With this one you have to get out of the car to have a good look. You see much more when you walk up to it. However, to photograph this mural you have to back up against a wall. What I ended up doing is taking photos of each section.

    Of course the wall belongs to a pub/restaurant that puts on shows.

       So this mural is not only in a difficult position to photograph but it could have been in more vivid color and sharper detail.