Saturday, July 16, 2016

Yes, It Is! No, It Isn't

     Silly little disagreements, like in the title, can arise from very innocent situations.

     The micro Manager and I have been in one of these little disagreements for three days.

     The origin of this little bicker was simple. The micro Manager said that her laundry tub hot tap was dripping. Could I replace the washer and fix it. Well , of course. That's an easy job.

     So with close supervision by the micro manager I replaced the washer. Okay , now check! Guess what? it's still dripping like before. We let it sit for a couple of hours to see if the drip stops . No way.

    What now? Well, replace the washer. It might have been faulty! Second washer, same as the first. Now our puzzlers were in overdrive. Well the washers were old so maybe buy some new washers and that will do the trick.

     At the beginning I asked the Micro Manager if she was sure it was the hot side.

     So a quick trip to Crappy Tire and a nice fresh package of washers. This should fix things. Dang! It still drips like before.

    More puzzling. Maybe it's the seat? Yes that's it . It's gotta be the seat.

     We're now on the third day and I'm still saying we've gotta check the cold side. More reasoning from the Micro Manager that it couldn't be the cold side. More reasoning about water runs downhill!!! Sure, but what's that go to do about this situation.

     Well finally, the micro manager agreed to check the cold  even though she said it will never work.

     Well, you guessed it. When I turned off the water supply from the hot, the drip kept dripping.

     Okay, now change the washer on the cold!

    So silly little arguments can start from very simple misunderstandings.  Am
I the only one who gets into yes, no, disagreements?