Saturday, January 31, 2015

Take This, Farside

      Farside at Far Side of Fifty is the creator of the Minnesota snow stick. The snow stick is a yardstick that Farside carefully sets up in her yard to measure the amount of snow received. It also works to show when the last snow melts at her place.

    Now Farside has persuaded some bloggers in snow areas to set up a snow stick. I have a snow stick. Last night we got 20cm (How's it goin' eh?) 8 in (ya'll)  of snow so I decided that it was a good time to report.

    Now Farside is a bit competitive so I get to brag that I have more snow, if that's something that is worth bragging about. Now we've had lots of thawing so this is not remotely close to the total snow of the winter.

    So without further adieu, here is my snow stick.

Centimeters. Next time I'll get the printing but it says 28 cm

Since the printing is larger you can see 11 in.

    Since I had snow, I had to do some shovelling. The micro manager was a good helper this morning and notice the great snow shovelling form.

Nice shovel job

Great style!

    Sunset tonight is at 5:18 and sunrise tomorrow is at 8:18 so that gives us 9 hours of sunlight.

My back lane

Snow across my street.