Sunday, January 8, 2012

Mommy Blogs

      On "Sunday Edition" on CBC there was a documentary on "Mommy Blogs." I had never heard the term "Mommy Blog" before.

     The documentary went on to explain that women with children began blogging as away to support each other. Ideas of dealing with children were exchanged. Various products designed for children were discussed. 

     Gradually some of these blogs became used by advertisers. Products aimed at women and children were featured on some of the blogs. Many Moms joined in on this situation as it was a way to obtain some extra cash for the family. Moms were then persuaded to post positive things about various products. Of course, some of these people never saw  a product they didn't like. One of these blogger now has about 100 000 hits a day!

    Now large conventions take place for Mommy bloggers. A huge number of companies are there  to display their products. Samples are given away in huge numbers. Hospitality suites are numerous. So the bloggers are wined and dined and the companies find more bloggers who will post for them. Some tape of one conference was played as a performer was singing to the group. As in most concerts this crowd of women were completely into the performance.

     So who am I to say that the Mommy blogs are an eyesore to the blog world? I have bumped into the odd one of these blogs. You usually see that they have 2000-3000 followers and lots of advertising. So if you find one of these blogs that you find interesting, so be it. I for one, will try to avoid following blogs that have advertising. 

     I like the blogs I follow that have a genuine interest in people's day to day activities, exhibit excellent photography and artistic skills. If a blogger is able to combine some of these , it's just a much better blog!