Monday, April 5, 2010

Red DeerRiver Vistas

       April the fourth, Easter Sunday, was a good day for a walk because a huge delicious Easter dinner was in store for me. My wife and I decided a walk along the banks of the Red Deer River would be the perfect exercise to prepare for Easter dinner. When we got to the river we found the trails wet, muddy, slushy and snow covered so the walk was limited.

      I had decided to take my camera just in case something interesting was encountered.
Something interesting was found. At Red Deer, the Red DeerRiver is basically a mountain stream with steep banks.

For some unknown reason I thought the house at the top of the distant ridge would make a great picture centered by the river. The white house is barely visible. The guy has a billion dollar view as the house is about 2 kms away. The 2 kms of river is braided with islands and at most times there are tremendous numbers of waterfowl.

This stretch of river has some areas of small rapids. In the distance the river runs out of room and has to make a sharp left turn.

A couple of hundred kms from here the Red Deer River becomes a classic prairie river with a well developed valley and high banks. It is then running through the badlands around Drumheller , Alberta.

For a super canoe trip, this river is tops. The rapids are not challenging and the stream is fast. Most of the time you do not see any evidence of human activity...just you and the river.

So later on, the dinner was enjoyed and the exercise was valued.