Tuesday, May 21, 2024


       Fifty eight years ago today I put on my new suit and tie and walked across the road to the Stringer Hall Chapel and strolled down the aisle to the waiting minister. I stood facing the minister. People were coughing, shifting in their seats, dropping things. You hear much more when it's quiet. A float plane roared off the river. The Minister said, "She's left town!" Soon after , the crowd was asked to stand and there were flashbulbs popping and a shuffle up the aisle. Mrs Holman who couldn't play the organ, volunteered to play the music. Yes, the bride made it. Somebody gave the "woman" away and the veil was removed.

     Yes, today is our 58th anniversary. 

     We got together with friends and said our I do's. 

    It was a different wedding as we were married in Inuvik, NWT so didn't have relatives, just the friends.

    There are so many good things we remember about the day of our wedding. People volunteered to help us make a wonderful day. Mrs Holman was the assistant hostel administrator and took us under here wing. She played the organ and got a girl's choir to sing.