Friday, November 26, 2021


      I haven't posted for a week but I have a good reason.

      Did I ever tell you that I hate shopping? Well, I have posted a few times of how I hate shopping.

      I had to do some shopping (not Christmas) so I was unable to post.

      So recently I noticed that the ice cream would not stay hard in the freezer part of my fridge so we decided to buy a new fridge. The fridge was 34 years old so it had lasted a long time but the Micro Manager didn't want to part with it. So we started looking for fridges and took our time. We finally settled on a Frigidaire fridge. 

      Before we could get our new fridge home the clothes washer died. The door locked and would not open. A few days later it opened but I said we'll get a new washer because next time it might lock with a load of clothes. 

     So more shopping for a washer.

     We made a deal on a LG washer and had both the fridge and washer delivered. 

     So they drop a fridge and washer in my house and I have to set it up. The fridge was simple but the washer was a challenge.

     The washer comes with connector hoses. You are to run water throw the hoses to clean them out. The were kinked up . I held the wrong hose so the water came out the other hose and sprayed the washroom before I knew what was going on.

    There are several other things that have to be set for a washer. It must be level. It's easy if your floor is level but my floor is uneven .

     So that's my excuse for not posting for a few days.