Friday, July 26, 2019


    Okay here's the story. One our local Casinos has Wednesday as seniors day. One thing they have is lunch on a two for one. Both people have to have the same dish. It's always Chinese , but you get a big plateful of Chicken chop suey or whatever  else. It changes every week. So we go every Wednesday and for 12 bucks have lunch.

     There's also a draw each day for seniors. I rarely filled out a ticket. I had no idea what the draw was about. I thought it was some kind of gimmick. The Micro Manager would sometimes enter. This Wednesday she asked me to enter but I said no I wouldn't bother. However, she entered my name. 

    The next day the Casino called and asked for me. I wasn't home so the Micro manager asked if she could take the call . Well, yes. She said , "Red won the senior's draw yesterday." The skeptical micro manager thought it was a joke. Well they got the Micro manager cooled down and she found out that I won the Wednesday draw for 500 bucks!!! How  about that folks! I won $500.00!

   Now I started to think if I'd won much before. I know I've won some things but the only thing I can remember is a 2 oz bottle of whiskey! The other things I won were probably small too.

    So it was a fun day.