Monday, January 7, 2013

When Do I Turn My Christmas Lights Off?

       I turn my Christmas lights off when Ukrainian Christmas is over. Today is Ukrainian Christmas so my lights will go off tomorrow.
After six weeks the lights will be turned off.

     After I left high school I was always with some Ukrainian people. At Christmas they always talked a great deal about their Christmas celebrations. Ukrainian Christmas is Jan. 7  as it follows the Julian calendar which the Ukrainian Orthodox church uses.

    The Christmas celebration is full of symbolism to remember and celebrate Christ's birth. For me Ukrainian food is awesome. There are 12 courses in the Christmas meal representing the twelve apostles. All dishes are meatless. There are many other celebratory traditions from their rich culture. I will let some one else who is Ukrainian describe the celebration more accurately and fully.

    For me it's the signal to turn off the lights. I like to keep the lights on until the Ukrainians have finished their celebrations.

    Kistos Razdayetsya!