Saturday, June 21, 2014

A Visit With Grand Children

       I recently spent three days at Maple Ridge , B. C. Canada  where I visited my 12 and 14 year old grand daughters. I don't see them very often so the visit was special. I made up my mind on short notice when I would go. As a result, they could not rearrange schedules but that was alright as I wanted to see other things as well.

      These girls are high level cheer leaders. Cheer leading is a combination of dance and gymnastics. The girls are in the top level so practices are 3 hours long. 

     I had a good look at the activities kids participate in and saw more details than  with the kids on my street.

     These kids were invited to a birthday party which was to run from 1:00 PM Sat to 8;00 PM Sun. The birthday party was for one of their fellow cheer leaders. Cheer leaders come from a vast area to this particular school. These kids make very close friends in this activity. Mothers had made the arrangements and they don't know each other very well. The kid's mother went out of town on short notice and left the kids with Dad and the job of taking the kids to the party. 

    This is where it gets very different. First the address couldn't be found. Phones? One kid phones her mother. Mother says I just forwarded what I got. The other kid phones her friend. After many phone calls the address was found. Now , nobody was at home. My son was ready to head for home with the kids. He didn't like the look of the place. Finally someone showed up and the kids were left.

    Now this place was 40 km (25 mi) from their home? So my point is that these kids have a circle of friends from a wide area. It's difficult for kids and parents.

    Now the long truck ride was fun. There's always an electronic device in the hand. Play games for a minute. Text somebody for a minute. Phone somebody. Read messages. It's constant. Poor old Grandpa had to butt in to communicate! The kids are good and do like real conversations.

   They also have a wicked sense of humor. Since it was the day before Father's Day I asked what they had planned for Dad. Hammie smiled and said, "Nothing!"  Her Dad heard me and said, "Ya , I bought my own card." Hammie quickly said, "Can you put my name on it Daddy?" What a character!

    So even though my visit was brief it had some quality time.

    Like other grand parents, I can't wait for the next visit.

    Now photos? Yes, I took photos. I just don't put photos of kids on the Internet.