Sunday, September 15, 2019


    The last few days I got some incidental sky shots while I was trying to take a picture of something else. 

    OK , I'll back up  bit. My ability in photography is limited at best. I had forgotten how to use my camera telephoto. I have a 34 zoom so not much. I wanted to take some shots of the harvest moon. Another problem I have is to keep the camera still. When you're 80 , it's a big problem.

    So Friday evening I went out on my step and leaned against the house wall for support and tried to get moon shots. So what ? Skies get dark!

     Into every life a little cloud must come. There were thin clouds going across the moon.

    Did I say I hadn't found my zoom for a while. The zoom taught me that it focuses on what's closer.
  I couldn't quite get the people in the balloon.

This time the camera picked up the yellow and black sign and almost ignored the tree branch