Friday, May 22, 2015

I Part With Another Treasure!

     As most of you know I am a senior who's trying to downsize so that I don't find myself in a pickle later on. I have posted about various things that I have parted with...canoes, cars, scythes, pianos. It's a long list. I've been at this for years. I didn't know I had so many possessions(junk). I've also written about how I hate garage sales.

     Once in a while I part with something that has some history to it. Today I sold my Ti plant. I got my Ti plant 45 years ago in the same month my son appeared. Ti plants were popular little things as giveaways at various events. You were given a two in. piece of log and told to put it firmly in soil and leave half uncovered. A month or two later a nice green shoot appeared. It wasn't long before I had to repot it.

     After about five years it would reach a height of about three feet and the top would get pretty ratty. That was time to repot it. I'd cut the top off about 2 in below the bottom leaves. I'd put it in a jar of water and in about two months roots would be growing and you could put it back in the pot. Meanwhile I had cut a couple of logs off the bottom stem and rooted them. I had plants at school and I don't know how many kids got Ti plants.

    So the other day we decided to part with the Ti plant and advertised it on Kijiji. It went to a nice home!

    Ti plants are supposed to be good luck. Put a Ti plant at your door and it will bring you luck. Kaye at Musings will correct me if I'm wrong!

    So today, my 45 year old Ti plant wen
to a new home.