Sunday, April 15, 2018


       Coming home for lunch yesterday I listened to a tune I hadn't heard for a long time.  I said , "Wait a minute . I've got to check this tune out."

      Well checking out the tune had to wait as I had to get lunch and eat. The ear worm worked well and kept the tune in my head. Dinner time came and I'd completely lost the tune.

     Well I was determined to find this song so I went to the CKUA play list. I'd never checked a play list before. I couldn't tell by the  play list as to which tune I wanted. I knew pretty closely the time the tune was played so checked that one out. Sure enough it was  I've got a never ending love.

    I had heard this song many years ago and did not know who sang it.

    To my great surprise , I found many bands sang this song.

    So what does a boy do? You listen to about 10 versions of the song. This is another thing I had never done before.

    The different versions were most interesting. There were some very good versions and some terrible versions. I liked the New Seekers the best.  They had energy, great instrumentation and vocals. The were fun to watch. Delaney and Bonnie were good but not as good as the New Seekers. They didn't have much of a band with them. I liked the Statler brothers. They had a surprising amount of instrumentation. John Fogerty did a good version as a soloist. Crystal Gale's version was really dead. It's a lively and energetic song and it wasn't for her.

     So this tune was written in 1971 and was popular during the 70's . I hadn't heard it for many years. It was interesting to hear it again and then to look things up on you tube. I'd never done that before.

    So I learned something and enjoyed hearing the tune again.