Saturday, August 10, 2019


    A few days ago we celebrated a 93rd birthday for the fellow in the chair. 

    He's always been special to us as we all came to the same school about the same time. We were in our 20's and he was early 40's. He took us under his wing in many ways. He knew that most of us were young, lost and struggling. He made us welcome in the school and community. He showed us a lot of ropes. He could teach and he insisted that everyone else do their best and he was always willing to show you. 

    I team taught with him in science. We set up a lab approach to teaching science. We spent a few late nights and weekends developing the program which others borrowed. We had our own definition of team teaching. We had a few other things that were unorthodox. We had our kettle on a Bunsen burner. We always had hot water for instant coffee unless the kettle boiled dry. 

   Seven of us usually gather for a celebration. We are all in our 70's and the birthday boy was 93.

   He lives in a nursing home and is battling with Parkinson's but still enjoys a good visit.

    He was a very good mentor to us but never wants to take credit for what he did,.