Saturday, February 13, 2021


       I have a few thoughts on reality tonight. I thought I knew what reality was but after tonight I'm not sure if I know what it is anymore.

      I was a teacher for thirty seven years. All of my teaching was at the middle school level. Some may say well, that was crazy but I look back and enjoy every minute of it. So from time to time there was a little disagreement . The Joe lawyers of the class would defend their friends but they were all in reality. They rarely told a lie. They knew the proper rules of behavior and stuck by them. If they got in trouble they accepted their punishment and life went on.

     After today and before I'm not sure that many of our politicians know what reality is . I'm not sure if they understand honesty. I'm not sure if they recognize that they are to serve the citizens of the country. I don't think our politicians understand law and order. I really wonder what politicians think their responsibility is. It doesn't look like it's to uphold the law

     For the last few years politicians have been playing fast and loose with the truth. Take the law into your own hands. Count your own ballots. I wonder how many of these people can count accurately? 

     So is reality gone? Will the word reality be taken from our dictionaries and not be used anymore? 

     Is there something to replace reality. Can we bring reality back? 

    For democracy and society to function properly caring and respect for one another has to be a basic quality.

     I was not happy to see how law order and justice played out today in the impeachment trial. Come up with any lame excuse to protect your buddy. 

    I have to make a disclaimer as I'm not an American but a Canadian. Because we live side by side and have respected one another, it's important that I know what's going on. I'm not hopeful about improvements in the near future. Some major changes are going to have to take place. How will this happen.

   Could we start with some major penalties for telling lies?