Tuesday, February 28, 2012

February 29: A Day of Opportunity

     February the 29th has always been a rather interesting day since it only comes once every four years. I am well aware of why the extra day is needed. I also find the birthday thing for people born on the 29th rather interesting. 

     I'm sure that if we Googled Feb.29 th we would find all kinds of interesting trivia about the date. 

     I heard one interesting piece of trivia on a radio station this morning. So here goes. Feb.29 th is a day for women to propose marriage to a potential spouse. That's right women may ask someone to marry them on Feb.29. 

    Now I'm sure some people will run out right now and make a marriage proposal. Just think how this might work for someone who has a very hesitant male beau?  The question can finally be popped and who knows the great day of marriage may arrive. 

    Since I've spread this valuable piece of information, let me know how it works for you. Has this just made your life complete?