Monday, May 20, 2019


    Many things that you buy today push the fact that they have a help center you can contact if you need any assistance with the product you just purchased. Tech products use this line to promote their products.

    A couple of weeks ago I noticed that my printer wouldn't work. I delayed doing anything about it for a couple of weeks. Then I checked to see if there was anything obvious that I could fix. Then I checked my product information. These two things did not help. I have a small Brother printer which I like.

    After looking for a phone number I ran across a live chat site offering help. I hate live chat when it's email and all conversion has to be typed.

    Well what could I do. It was the only option I had. I had discovered that my computer did not have my printer as an option to choose. So I thought that because I had a good idea what was wrong that it would be easy to fix by using Live Chat. 

   I got on Wed morning with Aya. He had me reprogram my wireless even after I told him that when I checked the connection was termed OK. The next two things I couldn't follow so He got on my computer and put my printer  on the list. He also left updated driver being downloaded. I asked if he was sure that this would work and ,"Oh yes . It'll print." Later in the day I checked the printer and you guessed it! It wouldn't print.

    So Thur I was right back on live chat with Christine. She seemed to know what she was doing but she had me do the same thing over again. Her excuse was that she wanted to check the connection. I did a test page and it printed. So I was really happy! I've got my printer back again I thought!

   Well later in the day I tried to print the document I wanted and you guessed it , it didn't print.

   Well since I thought I knew what was wrong I decided to look around.

   The first thing I bungled in to was choice of printer. My printer was not the choice. There was a drop down menu that I clicked on and voila there was my printer. I clicked on it and went back to the print page. I tried printing the document and hey it printed.

    So I'm not very pleased with the help center. Next time I will risk trying some options before I look for help. Does this sound familiar to anybody?