Saturday, January 26, 2019


     I've been off the blog for a few days. I didn't want to be away but I got caught up in something else. Something I just couldn't let go.

     From time to time I like to surf the net. If I start finding things then I'm really hooked and end up end up spending a lot of time...obsessed!

     For some reason I googled my home village of Esk , Sask. Now Esk is a ghost town. At it's peak there were about 20 houses. Right now there's only one house that is inhabited. Most other houses were abandoned and the municipality took them over and the houses were destroyed. Would you believe that if you google Esk , Sask you will find 10 pages of topics. So I was rewarded by going through the pages and finding interesting items.

    Now I've had it in my head to do another  post on the first school I ever taught in. I knew there were some photos of the school. I found the photos and they were of two art web sites. Were they going to give me a few photos? Nothing doing. They ask for $525.00 for their photos. I asked anyway and as you see I don't have photos.

    You will have to be satisfied with a photo I had on an earlier post about the school.

    Somehow while looking for some school photos I found a former student and her sisters. All this is by accident while following my obsession. I accidentally found their mother's obituary. She had lived to be 98 years old. This is how I found the three girls. this family was very good to this kid who was their teacher. I was 18 years old and pretty insecure and lonely. They had me at there place many times. I took the Dad fishing and fishing became one of his passions.

     So I have some information to contact one of the girls. You bet I will contact her. It was sixty years ago that I had her in gr.7. She is only 8 or 9 years younger than I am.

    So these two topics yielded some very interesting info.