Friday, April 15, 2011

Peregrine Web Cam Link

       I have just set up a peregrine web cam link on my blog. So click on the link and it will take you to the peregrine web cam.

       This year we have set up a much better system so that you can watch a peregrine nest located on the top of the 101 m Telus Tower at Red Deer Alberta. We have installed 4 cameras this year. One camera is outside the box so that you can see the area outside the nest box. Last your you could tell that something was outside the box by the behavior of the birds inside. This year when the birds are changing sitting on the nest you will be able to see them outside the box. A second camera is capable of night vision so that you can see what goes on in the box at night. There are two regular cameras in the box so that we get more of a 3 D effect.

       So whenever you watch the web cam this year you will get a much better view. The color is also much better.

       So enjoy watching the peregrine falcons this year! They are an awesome bird.