Tuesday, April 28, 2020


    The covid -19 virus has us pinned down because we don't know much about it. Covid - 19 isn't telling us much about itself. We know it can be deadly as the death rate tells us. We know that it spreads rapidly.

    There are many things that are not known. Why do cases go from  death, severe and then people who do not realize they had the virus?

   There is much debate over the use of masks. There has been change over whether masks should be used or not. 

   Does having covid - 19 give you immunity from being sick again?

    How long is the virus active when it's out of the body.? Is the virus killed by frost, heat or sunlight?

    Then there are those who have wild theories about treatment and cure. One famous suggestion is a few shots of antiseptic.!!!  Others think let the kids get the virus . It won't hurt them. Others say let the old people get the virus. They're a drain on the system anyway! Some strange concoctions have been suggested for treatment and cure. 

    I read yesterday that they are adding 6 more symptoms for covid 19.

   One thing the experts say is that we could have this monster for two years until a vaccine is developed. 

    One thing for sure, is that in the 5 months since the virus has been named not much has been learned about it. 

   In the meantime we do have things we can do to protect ourselves. I applaud those people who sew their own masks. We can stay in and wash often with soap. We can stay away from others. I have to admit that I sinned mightily this week when a person I hadn't seen for 10 years stopped by while I was in the yard. We were so happy to see each other that we shook hands! 

    Keep healthy. We'll make it through this.