Sunday, September 28, 2014

Anti fanatic

      I haven't posted this week.

      I've been thinking. It hasn't done me much good though.

      I've been thinking about fanatics! I've been puzzling my brain. Fanatics get stuck on certain things and then they are not able to look after day to day things.

      My blog sometimes interferes with my daily obligations. Blogging has made me into a bit of a fanatic. I've got certain things to do on the blog and I work hard to get enough time to do all the blog activities. I like to read posts, make comments, read comments on my blog, look for other good blogs and post . All this takes quite a bit of my time.

      On the other hand, I have some anti fanatic behavior which helps to balance things out. I don't watch TV. I watch less than ten minutes of TV in a whole year! Some people are TV fanatics. That's OK with me. However, sometimes watching TV gets in the way of our daily responsibilities. 

    I'm an anti fanatic when it comes to sports. I don't watch sports, follow sports or talk sports with the guys. It's okay with me for people to be sports fans. It's an activity that pays benefit in many ways. We need sports. I have followed sports in the past when I had time.

    So I pick and choose the things I like and enjoy them to the fullest. I think most people are that way.

    Do you balance your life? Are you a fan of some things? Are you an anti fanatic of some things?