Saturday, March 12, 2011

Excellent Winter Snow Skiing Conditions

        Today I went out to my favorite cross country ski trail. There were excellent winter snow conditions.
The trail I ski is about five kilometers around a local golf course. Most of the trail is beside the river. 75% of the trail is through heavy mature spruce. This protects the trail from sun, but certainly contributes spruce needles.

       Winter snow condition means that the snow has not thawed. It is still powdery and easy to ski on and you have good control of your skis. I thought this might be the last winter snow to ski on as it is forecast to be above zero tomorrow.

       We will have a great spring skiing season. The trail has a great base that will not melt away very quickly. I don't do spring skiing as I find it difficult to handle those snow conditions. People who have mastered spring skiing conditions love it . It's fast and takes little effort to propel yourself down the trail.

      I like this ski area both summer and winter. Part of the river is open all winter. Quite a few ducks stay in this area all winter. Today there were scads of golden eye ducks and a few mallards. Bohemian waxwings were on the ice where there was overflow. They were drinking but I didn't see any of them bathing. It's common to see both bald  and golden eagles. They patrol the river and feast on ducks and fish which have not survived. I didn't see eagles today.

     There certainly was evidence of moose in the area. We are at the top of the snowshoe hare population cycle so there are  many runs and lots of evidence where the rabbits have been eating bark from young trees.

     Altogether it was a very pleasant afternoon for probably my last ski of the season.