Saturday, January 17, 2015

Snow Report

      I would think that a high percentage of my posts have been on snow. Sometimes I'm embarrassed that so many posts are on the same thing.

     Snow is a prominent part of our winter.

    This winter has been one of extremes. We'll get ten days of very cold. We'll get ten days of mild weather. Then to keep things interesting we'll get a good dump of snow. The two thaws we've had, have melted some of our snow. We've also had two rains which is rare for us.

Next time I there'll be brighter sun

    So I thought it was time to give a snow stick report. My stick location is on top of a work table I have in the yard. It's not a good place for a snow measurement but it's easy to get to. So as the snow stick shows , we have a little more than 9 in of snow. Now some of the snow has been blown off the table. Some has been blown on the table. And some has melted off the table so take your pick on how accurate this is.

    Today the sun rose at 8:36 and set at 16:53 for 8 hours and 17 min. of sunlight. We get about 45 min. more sun than on Dec. 21. We're on the way back.

My snow loaded table

My constant faithful friend

One of my favorite neighborhood trees.

The spruce at the end of my street